About Allison’s Bar Car

Welcome to Allison’s Bar Car and Limo, LLC, your safe, affordable and reliable option for barhopping (and other) transportation needs in both Vilas County and northern Oneida County, Wisconsin.

We offer reasonable rates as well as clean, well-maintained, and fully and properly (commercially) insured vehicles for your comfort and safety. Our business is fully and properly licensed and we have passed background checks from local law enforcement.

People often say we’re the best but can seldom define why. It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it. A few extra minutes of our time is nothing in order to help ensure that you have a great time. We take the time to get to know our clients and then do whatever it takes to personalize our service to fit their needs.

I was recently tasked with defining what we do and how we do it, prior to recording our radio commercials. You know what? I couldn’t do it without asking two of our best customers to define it for me … then they couldn’t readily define it either.

Collectively, we finally decided that it was easier to start by defining what it’s NOT.

1. It isn’t a taxi or cab.

Although you will find us on Google if you search “taxis,” it’s only because they didn’t offer a more descriptive option; the same holds true for our Eagle River business license.  The stigmas and stereotypes associated with those words always make me cringe. I’ve both seen and dealt with too many stereotypical cab companies and drivers in my lifetime to ever want those words associated with a business that I run. 

Does that mean that every cab company is awful, or that every cab driver is some sort of “degenerate”? Not at all, but if you’ve ever had a bad experience with a cab service or driver, you know those types of people and businesses are out there. 

The words “taxi” and “cab” don’t appear in our business name, or anywhere on our vehicles. You’ll find no meter inside the vehicles, nor will you see an illuminated rooftop sign. Although we do provide some services that a taxi service would provide, a person can’t just wave us down for a ride while standing at a corner. 

We also believe in telling people the truth regarding rates and wait times. Our target service time for local transportation is 20-25 minutes from the time you call. Now well past our thousandth call (as of 11/1/2021), we have about a 98% accuracy rate with regard to estimated wait times. If we are extremely busy with extended wait times, I’d much rather tell you it may be 45-50 minutes and lose your business tonight, than lie to you and lose it forever. 

The differences between Allison’s Bar Car and Limo and a taxi company go far beyond those that I’ve listed, but you can rest assured, it’s not a cab.

2. It’s not an Uber, Lyft, or other ride-share program.

I know a lot of people have now been conditioned to just tap an app on their phone when they need transportation, but trust me, those types of services are loaded with pitfalls; do a little research and you’ll know why.

    3. It’s not even a limo service.

    At least, not in the sense that most would define that term. By the way, limos don’t necessarily need to be some stretched out and overpriced Lincoln or Cadillac. In fact, our two minivans and The Bar Beast can legally be defined as limousines, which is exactly what we’re working on doing.

      4. What we do isn’t from some script.

      What we do isn’t from some script or algorithm that we rehearse, and it isn’t some business model that we got out of some book.

      Enough of what it’s not.

      What it IS, in the simplest terms, is us being us, helping you to be you. In short, we don’t bring problems; we offer solutions.

      We know every bar owner & bartender within a 25-mile radius, and we know what each of their places does best. We have worked hard at developing relationships with the people and places that will be serving you, and I make it a point to regularly visit with owners to see just how much more we can do together to make things better for our clients. The bars recommend using us for a reason, and we won’t recommend someplace that we wouldn’t go to ourselves.

      We take the time to research things before we pick you up, so you’re not wasting your time after we pick you up. In short, we figure out how to make your transportation an integrated part of your evening, rather than having it be an interruption during it.

      We keep a finger on the pulses of the places that we serve and recommend. We know the menus (in fact, there’s a binder full of them in each vehicle), we know what entertainment they have on any given night, and we know how to coordinate a night out in a manner that minimizes your transportation costs while maximizing your time to have fun.

      We also provide service to the airports, but we do it differently. We track every client’s flight status to ensure that your wait times are non-existent – at least on our end. We know when you’ll land before you do, and we know when your departure has been delayed before you even realize that you forgot to check your flight status. You’d be amazed at the number of clients who’ve commented about how taken aback they were, just because we called or texted the day before to confirm. Isn’t that what any transportation service should be doing?

      We apply that philosophy and approach to every service we offer, whether you want transportation for bar hopping, airport transportation, group events, or special occasions.

      Our goal is to make this service like nothing you’ve ever experienced – in a good way, of course. If you can say “Meh, nothing special,” after using our service, then we somehow failed, and in this business model, failure is NOT an option. 

      We defy you to find a cab, Uber, Lyft, or limo that does what we do. It’s not that they can’t, it’s that they don’t.

      Big groups? No problem. Multi-vehicle groups (between 11 and 18)? We’ve got you covered.