Unlike any other state in the country, Wisconsin and their associated Tavern Leagues have developed a SafeRide program to help reduce drunk driving arrests and other issues related to impaired drivers. If your favorite bar or tavern is a member of the Vilas County Tavern League, they’re entitled to participate in the SafeRide program.

Instead of attempting to drive home while intoxicated (or even mildly impaired), simply ask the bartender for a SafeRide voucher. The bar/tavern will then notify us and your ride home will cost you nothing.

How Does a SafeRide Work?

As per the Tavern League’s website, “Thanks in part to the SafeRide program, Wisconsin has witnessed a 28% decline in OWI convictions since 2004 and nearly a 50% decline in alcohol-related fatalities since 2003. During that same period, the number of SafeRides provided increased 150%, while expanding operations to 64 Wisconsin counties.”

Allison's Bar Car is proud to serve as the Vilas County, Wisconsin SafeRide Program provider.

For every OWI conviction, as part of the offender’s fines, the State of Wisconsin imposes a surcharge for the SafeRide Program, which goes towards grant money allocated to each participating county’s Tavern League. As a Tavern League member, participating bars/taverns can purchase SafeRide Program voucher books.

When a bar patron in Vilas County is in need of a ride, the bartender simply fills out the voucher and calls us at Allison’s Bar Car, then we take you home. Your ride is then paid for by the State of Wisconsin and the tavern league. No hassles, no questions, and best of all, no arrest or accident.

SafeRide Program Rules

Anything “free” comes with some sort of hidden catch, right? Wrong. Just two simple rules…

(1) The vouchers are only valid for transportation from the bar to your home (or motel) and cannot be used to go bar-hopping. (2) You may not use an additional voucher to retrieve your car the next day, but if you need a ride back to your vehicle we’ll be happy to offer you a 15% discount to do so, although the minimum ride cost of $10 still applies.

Don’t take a chance on hurting yourself or others. Always drink responsibly, but if you do happen to overdo it, don’t be too “proud” to ask your bartender for a SafeRide Program voucher.