After another 3″-5″ snowfall in mid-April, it’s hard to believe that summer starts in just eight weeks, but nevertheless, we are gearing up for the summer of 2023!

It’s unbelievable that we’re now a couple of months into our third year in business, with each year being busier than the last. We’re already getting a lot of bookings for the summer months, so if you need to make a transportation reservation (especially for a large[r] group), I would not advise waiting. We’re still just a “Mom & Pop,”, although we are currently looking at hiring a driver to help with the increased call volume.

I’m still clearing hurdles to get the “big” bus on the road, but we hope to have that done sooner rather than later. Our federal government’s latest attempt to regulate the transportation industry has made reobtaining my CDL a royal pain in the _____ (<—– insert your favorite expletive here), but I’m still working on it. One option to circumvent needing a CDL may be to cut back the bus’s seating capacity. While doing so would result in some lost revenue, leaving it parked all summer would cost far more in the long run. On a happy note, cutting back the seating would allow me to get creative with the extra space.

Who knows what we’ll do, as the possibilities are endless. A refrigerator? A dry-bar? I’ve even wondered about whether or not we could have a jukebox and/or gaming machines installed in there! They say sometimes less is more… in this case, less seating might mean more luxurious… at the bare minimum it would mean more spacious.

All I know is … one way or another, that bus is going to run this summer!

In the meantime, stay warm, stay dry, and enjoy the rest of Mud Months. We’ll see ya soon!