NOTE: I started writing this blog earlier this month, but we’ve been so busy that I never finished it…

As we begin February 2022, Allison’s Bar Car and Limo, LLC is now entering its second year in business and we couldn’t be happier.  

Just as is the case with any new business, 2021 saw ups and downs for us. There were days in the beginning when we questioned if the business would ever be busy enough to support the operating costs, then there were days that we feared the phone wouldn’t stop ringing long enough to get a nap (and some days it didn’t). Some days – even some weeks – sleep was a rare commodity, but knowing that our business model was working made all of those sleepless nights worthwhile. We started this business with our Mountaineer, never dreaming it would be as busy as it’s become. Since then, we’ve added two minivans, the Bar Beast, an F-150 and a pair of snowmobile/ATV/UTV trailers. We started our first month (February 1, 2021) with just 56 calls, six of which were canceled for one reason or the next. We ended our first year (January 31, 2022) with what I’d call a little bit of an uptick – – 177 calls. From the very first day that we opened until the last day of our first year, we fielded just short of 1,400 calls – not too bad when you consider that it’s only the two of us.

Our goal has always been to get customers picked up within the 20-25 minute mark from the time they call, and we’ve done that with about a 95% success rate. Of course, those who call from the more outlying areas (Rhinelander, Arbor Vitae, Minocqua, etc.) must wait a little longer as the distance is further, but we do our best. 

With one day left in February (now the end of our 13th month), we’ve fielded 216 calls over the first 27 days- almost four times as many as what we did last year. 

We couldn’t have done any of this without the support of the customers, the bars, motels and other places that we service, the City of Eagle River and the many, many others who’ve helped us to build the business. The level of support that we’ve received from the residents, businesses and visitors in this area has been nothing short of overwhelming, sometimes bordering on “unbelieveable”.

For that, we can’t possibly thank you enough.