I wanted to take some time to clear up some of the confusion regarding the different services offered by Allison’s Bar Car and Eagle River Taxi. Allison’s neither merged with nor bought out Eagle River Taxi, although the two companies try to work together to ensure transportation needs are met for the customers.

Allison’s Bar Car

While we focus mainly on evening hours and late-night transportation to and from the local bars, we also handle a variety of other transportation needs. We provide service to and from the Eagle River and Rhinelander-Oneida County airports, wedding reception transportation, or when people simply want to rent a vehicle by the hour, as opposed to calling after every stop they need to make.

While we also try to accommodate other transportation needs, what we’re able to do outside of the realm of bar transportation is dependent on how busy we are. Allison’s Bar Car is now the SafeRide provider for the Vilas County Tavern League, meaning that we must be committed to having vehicles available to the local bars and taverns when the need for a SafeRide arises.

Our current pricing is $2.50 per mile with a fuel surcharge between $1.00 and $5.00, based on the pickup and dropoff destinations. Unless you’re traveling beyond Eagle River, the surcharge will generally be $3.00 or less. On those occasions when a customer travels to Rhinelander, Minocqua, etcetera, the surcharge will be slightly higher.

Eagle River Taxi and the Bucktail Shuttle Bus

For a long while, Eagle River Taxi did operate as a “full-service” taxi company, however, their business model has changed significantly over the last several months. When we opened Allison’s Bar Car in February of 2021, we met with the ownership of Eagle River Taxi. To say the very least, they welcomed us with open arms, as they recognized that despite phasing out their taxi service, there was a continued need in Vilas County for a service such as ours.

Eagle River Taxi is now solely focused on running the shuttle bus to and from Bucktail Gentleman’s Club. Confusion often arises for new callers, as their name on Google still appears as Eagle River Taxi. When people call Eagle River for general transportation reuests, their dispatcher will give them our number, unless their desire is to use the Bucktail shuttle. Likewise, when Allison’s Bar Car gets a call for large groups wanting to go to Bucktail, we’ll offer them the option to utilize Eagle River Taxi, as the shuttle bus can carry up to 14 people at a time.

The Bucktail shuttle generally covers a service area of 15 miles from the club, with pricing at $5.00 per person (each way). When they are able to service customers outside of the 15-mile range, which isn’t uncommon, the pricing will fluctuate some based on distance, but they’ll be happy to give you a quote at the time of your call. The shuttle can be reached at the number currently listed for Eagle River Taxi (715) 477-0171. Currently, the two companies are working to install a phone tree on Eagle River Taxi’s phone line to route customers to either the Bucktail Shuttle or Allison’s Bar car, depending on their transportation needs and desires.

The shuttle generally operates on Friday and Saturday nights only, despite the club being open on Thursdays as well. As of May 9, 2021, Bucktail Bar will also be open on Sundays between 11:00 AM and 2:00 AM, with no live entertainment.

Please, Help Us to Serve You More Efficiently

Even with the shuttle available, a large number of our calls for service see customers going to and from Bucktail. Both Allison’s and the Bucktail shuttle attempt to ensure that we aren’t taking each other’s customers from the club, but that often proves difficult, as it’s hard for one company to know who the other may have brought.

As much as we love the additional business, if you take one form of transportation to the club, please make sure to use the same form when your night ends and you are going back to your final destination. This will help to eliminate confusion and unnecessary running for both companies while allowing each of us to provide better service to you, the customer.

Have fun and be safe.